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October 23, 2006 by me nd my crap
The boy was completely new to the place....far....very far from the place…where his home used to be.The new place was making him cozy and uncomfortable,where all different kinds of souls were gazing this boy, the glutton guy,the lean short fellow, a gal with really cute preity (pretty) dimples, the gal wid really cute smile but with awkward spectacles of the thickness of binoculars,the stout gal, who was looking ready to go to score the next gold medal in weightlifting[/B]...
October 15, 2006 by me nd my crap
I have been thinking hard for a nice juicy topic from the past many days but finally settled on to this worldly( ) topic on which every person is trying to give his stuff and trying to define in his way.

I think , In general, people would consider this post boring than the past two, but i always like to talk on this kind of stuff, So its me, giving my try.

In my terms, spirituality and philosophy are the two i...
September 22, 2006 by me nd my crap
Done with my first blog and i got the reviews of it..the theme of the blog(story) was good, but need to increase my approach towards the reader...any how critics are must, so that to get better on the things i messed upon..
So i will try to be a bit proffesional nd sophisticated in this post.
In this post, i want to tell you about my fanatasies, my weird dreams and passions and my crappy thoughts.
I do have...
September 20, 2006 by me nd my crap